indulgent sundays

One of my first blog posts was about romantic Sundays and the idea that weekends shouldn’t be hectic with errands and chores. They’re your chance to unwind, enjoy, and celebrate. I think it’s possible to enjoy mimosas, long brunches, and afternoon yoga while still getting organized for the week.

Tomorrow it will be -28 Celsius in Yellowknife – while that’s far from the deep-winter cold I’m expecting to see in coming weeks, it’s still a good excuse for an indulgent Sunday morning.

Step 1: breakfast in bed, of course. 
imageBake some pastries the night before so you can stay in bed late Sunday morning. I made some berry scones and smothered them with blueberry lavender jam from a local shop – Lulu’s Market. With a strong cup of coffee and cozy comforter, it’s easy to indulge in breakfast in bed.
imageGive yourself a wintry manicure. I love the polished look of white nails with simple gold accessories. My nails get quite brittle in the winter months but Essie’s All in One polish helps.

Enjoy some classics: Casablanca, Rocky, Rebel Without a Cause whatever strikes your fancy.
My guilty go-tos are any Hepburn flick.
Ending the weekend on a relaxing note sends you to work on Monday feel calm, collected and just a bit spoiled.

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