carry-on essentials

In my last job I found myself travelling quite a bit for work. Some flights took me to Tokyo and California while others were just nearby overnighters. Between take offs and landings, time changes, interacting with tons of new people each day, and trying to manage my workload back in the office, I often felt burnt out or sick by the time I returned home. After a while I started picking up tips from my coworkers. image
Here are a few of my go-to favourites for my carry-on:

  • Ener-C: this little gem helps to boost vitamin levels. I always drink one right before I head to the airport and pack a few extras.
  • iPad: this is probably every traveler’s must-have item. I’ll often download a new movie or book before takeoff. The Next Issue App is also a worthwhile purchase if you’re an avid magazine reader.
  • Travel Tea: immune system boosting teas are great mid-flight. David’s Tea comes with travel tea bags so you can enjoy a cup anywhere.
  • Healthy Snack: it is remarkably easy to find chips, cheeseburgers and chocolate bars while travelling but a good quality healthy bite to eat takes a bit more effort. To ensure I’m not hangry I pack a sealed snack that won’t spoil or spill during travel.
  • Eye Mask: that’s right, I am absolutely the crazy person wearing a cat eye mask on board. I have a hard time sleeping on planes and this eye mask has ensured my shut-eye many times.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphone: this item has been on my wish list for the last few years and I will rave about them to anyone willing to listen. For long-haul flights they are essential!
  • Striped Infinity Scarf: this Lululemon scarf is ideal for travel. It can be worn in multiple ways and also unclips to double as a blanket.

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