short notice entertaining

Living outside of town by a lake has its perks – little noise, an endless backyard and a 30 second commute to the water. On the other hand, when it comes to entertaining on short notice, living in the boonies can be a challenge. Rather than drive in to town to pick up appetizers I try to keep a few staples on hand.

  • Assorted crackers (Mary’s crackers and other thin wafer types are my favourite)
  • Growing herbs in the garden mean having a fresh supply on hand at all times
  • Preserves like the Old Farmhouse Chutney in the photo above are ideal
  • Because I love sampling new types of cheese, I’ll usually have one or two in the fridge.

With these on hand, I don’t feel too terrible asking a guest to pick up a carton of berries on their way out.

I’m all about presentation when it comes to appies and entertaining and I’m often swayed by items that catch my eye in the grocery store. I only bought this Salt Spring Island goat cheese (picture above) because of the pretty flowers pressed on. And, yep, luckily it’s delicious.

What are your go-to appetizers for entertaining on short notice?



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