baby’s breath centerpiece


I’m in love with this living centerpiece.

While tulips are typically my go-to spring flower, they feel more fitting for a picnic lunch. Baby’s Breath, on the other hand, creates a more romantic, mature impression. This filler-flower would be perfect for a sweet baby shower or a dreamy, fairy tale inspired wedding.


This was the first time I worked with the flower and I found it a lot less malleable than other plants I’ve used for decor. I used ribbon to tie one stem to the next until I had a garland then shaped it around a bowl and secured it in a circle. I tied a few flowers in closer to the original shape but maintained a loose, relaxed feel.

At the last minute I added the trunk-based cake platter. The increase in height adds a touch of drama but isn’t so high that it will obstruct the view of your guests.

Spritz the flowers with water just before your guests arrive to keep them as fresh as possible.

imageItems used:

imageEco friendly bamboo utensils and colourful straws were purchased on Etsy.


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