energizing snacks

With each change in season I usually notice my energy levels fluctuating. The recent “spring forward” time change means that the sky is still dark when I’m getting up for work in the morning and I find myself hitting snooze more and more often. The solution? Energy balls!


My sister, Erica, and I got together over a weekend and whipped up these Energy Balls. They’re great to munch on before going to the gym or as a mid-morning snack. Plus, the peanut butter or cocoa (depending on which you choose) are great for curbing sweet tooth cravings.

I don’t usually have ingredients like spirulina or chia seeds in my kitchen but my health-nut sister does and after the success of these two recipes I think I may need to add them to my pantry.


For the Superhero Balls (cocoa with coconut) click here. We added the step of rolling the balls in coconut flakes to mimic the snowball cookie look.
For the Raw Protein Energy Balls (peanut butter) click here.

I’ve also been drinking more warm water with lemon after reading about the health benefits here.



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