gifts for the host

Inviting friends and family over can require a lot of planning and preparation. Whether it’s a BBQ, dinner or even a games night, there is always the chore of cleaning the house, grocery shopping and cooking before everyone arrives. Whenever I’m invited out, I always marvel at how put together the host/hostess appear. I always feel like I’m running around the house trying to keep things from burning while refilling wine glasses and hanging up coats.

A small gesture goes a long way and the host gifts below are fast and easy to put together using the items you have around your house. I used printed paper, burlap, fresh herbs and printed straws.
IMG_5967 Printed paper from Lulu’s Market in Yellowknife – perfect for dressing up less than beautiful bottles.
IMG_5961A bottle of pink lemonade wrapped in printed paper and burlap with sprigs of lavender and rosemary. This is something I would bring to a BBQ or summer potluck.
IMG_5952Elderflower water with lavender and printed straws from Etsy. My older sister recently announced her pregnancy and I’m already mentally preparing her baby shower. These would be great non-alcoholic option for guests. It is also seems fitting because the dried lavender is from the bouquet I had at her wedding.

IMG_5990In my last post I gave the recipe for this delicious beer bread. This is how I would dress it up before bringing it to a dinner party – printed paper and burlap with sprigs of rosemary and thyme.


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