Romantic Sundays

Since moving over to my new blog space a few months ago, I’ve missed my archived posts. So – here’s one of my favourite posts from last year:

Today I’m flying to Blachford Lake Lodge for work – the same lodge that Will and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited during their stay in the Northwest Territories. With an outdoor hottub for watching the aurora borealis and a boat ride to Honeymoon Island on the schedule I can’t help but think about romantic weekends. I know that with my hectic schedule I typically use weekends for catching up on sleep, laundry and getting my life back in order. Sundays should be reserved for late brunches, black and white movies and afternoon yoga classes. With this in mind, I decided to rejig my weekend plans, and here is some of what I included:


Get comfy…
In beautiful pyjamas.

Lemon filled pastries from Nico’s Market in Yellowknife.

Soak up the spread of Kate Moss’ gorgeous wedding
in the September issue of Vogue.

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