mini desserts

I love baking for special events like bridal parties, birthdays and baby showers but with such a smorgasbord of delicious foods mini-sized treats mean you can try one of everything.


(Above) Mini “I Do” Cupcakes: I made these for my best friend’s bachelorette brunch – they’re cute and they’re quick to prepare. Bake a regular batch of mini cupcakes and use your favourite tip to ice them. As for the “I Do” signs, you can’t go wrong. Lace and some pretty paper is all you need.

French Toast Shooters: prepare French toast as usual and cut each slice in four. Stack two or three slices on a shot glass filled with maple syrup. It’s the perfect size for dunking each piece.

Cake Pops: You’ll need a special kit to prepare these (you can pick it up at Walmart or Zellers). These red velvet cake pops were perfect for my coworker’s baby shower and adding the pink ribbon and tiny pacifiers were a sweet touch.


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